What to do when your car won’t open | Car unlock services

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Your car just won’t open. This is one of the dreaded situations that you usually brush off as something that will seemingly never happen to you. But here you are, outside your car, unable to get in and feeling stupid.


The locked car is a very frustrating and time-consuming emergency that, however, happens more often than we imagine and exactly when we need a ride. It messes with your plans, makes you do an urgent rescheduling, and come up with excuses, especially if you left something important inside the vehicle. That’s why you need to know exactly why it happens and how to go about it.


Reasons why your car is locked

  1.   You lost the keys

We all are human and it’s very easy to get caught up in running errands and leave your keys somewhere. In this case, it’s only smart to first revise every step you took that led you to this unpleasant situation. After all, no one wants to experience unnecessary stress and pay for car unlock services only to find out later that the keys were somewhere deep in their bag.

  1.   Your keys are stolen

That’s when you need to really consider calling a service. Had they to be stolen with bad intentions or just taken by accident by someone, you need to take measures to regain access to your vehicle.

  1.   You locked the keys inside the car

Sounds goofy, but happens to the best of us. It’s very easy to get out of the car to do something quickly and press the manual lock button, and here you are. Other frequent scenarios are leaving the keys in the car truck or in the ignition.

  1.   The lock is damaged

In many cases, this is preventable. You only need to look out for any sign of the faulty lock, e.g. inability to turn the key right away because it meets resistance. If you use the remote all the time, take a few minutes to check how the keys and the lock work together – just in case.


Can you open it on your own?

All the risks considered, you can try to open the car door on your own instead of calling a service. Once you learn how to do it once, you can be sure that you spare yourself a panic attack if it happens again and get down to business right away. It goes without saying that knowing how to open a car without using the keys doesn’t mean that you could also start and start a career in the criminal world. Use the newly acquired knowledge only for the good purposes.


You can find many how-to tutorials on the Internet, especially on YouTube since the visuals can help get the point across easier. The most popular technique is one including a door stop and a metal rod. Basically, all you need to do is stick the wedge into the top part of the driver’s side door so that it creates some space. This will let you insert the metal rod into the opening and push the unlock button. Reportedly, electronic locks are more apt for using this method, but regular locks won’t resist much as well.


What do car unlock services do?

Despite existing life hacks, in many cases, it’s better to delegate solving the issue to professionals. Quite a number of drivers try to do something to the lock which is potentially damaging. Moreover, many cars have intelligent sensor systems that will interpret any attempt to open the door from the outside as burglary. It will set off the alarm, you know, the shrilling sound that will annoy everyone around.


Car unlock services, given that you call true professionals, have a set of sophisticated tools and years of experience. One of the cases when you definitely need to ask a professional for help is when you locked the keys in the trunk. Picking the trunk lock can result in shutting down the entire security system. Car unlock services usually know other ways around just like in many other complicated situations.