Uber driver requirements | How to drive with Uber

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Uber driver requirements | How to drive with Uber
Uber driver requirements | How to drive with Uber

Uber has over 7 million drivers working in 450 cities all over the world. With more people applying for the job and increasing demand for taxi services, Uber makes an effort to make the working environment an accepting and inclusive place encouraging women and ethnic minorities to join the community of Uber drivers. However, alongside with the inclusivity politics, the company still upholds high standards when it comes to hiring. What does it take to work at Uber?

Uber driver requirements

Requirements are more or less similar across the US, but may still vary by state or city. To make sure you are eligible, look specifically for the requirements in your area. But generally to drive for Uber you must:

  • Be 21 years or older with no less than three years of driving experience in the US;
  • Be 23 years or older with no less than one year of driving experience in the US;
  • Have a valid driving license and a valid vehicle registration.

Obviously, Uber doesn’t hire anyone with criminal history. That’s why you’ll have to do a background check online to prove that your driving record is clean. Drivers with history of driving under influence or drug-related offenses, fatal accidents, and reckless driving are not eligible for work at Uber.  

Uber car requirements   
The car you’re going to use at Uber must have four doors and hold at least four passengers. The vehicle can’t be older than 15 years and have any cosmetic or technical damages. Missing parts is obviously a deal breaker. Its title cannot be salvaged, reconstructed, or rebuilt. Uber doesn’t accept cars with commercial branding and taxi paint jobs.
As for vehicles you don’t personally own, Uber won’t let you drive a rented car. However, you can use the vehicle for which you are listed as an insured driver.
If you car doesn’t quite meet the requirements, you still can apply for Uber delivery and test your luck there.

Interview at Uber
The final step of your job application for Uber is to show up for the job interview. Normally, you schedule the time with the local Uber department and get information on the papers you need to bring over the phone. Users of Glassdoor platform, where everyone can leave a review on the interview process at different companies, claim that it’s hard to call it an interview. The majority of the time you go through the papers making sure everything is in order. One driver said that the only requirements must be sanity and ability to speak. Once everything’s checked, the interview is pretty much over and you can start work.