Laser wash | Should you choose laser wash?

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Should you choose laser wash?
Should you choose laser wash?

With 113,000 car washes across the United States and 8 million cars washed every day, the industry is doing its best to serve the customers and meet all their needs. The methods of carwash are ever evolving. If some time ago hand wash with plain old soap water, a sponge and a bucket was considered obsolete, now many predict the extinction of friction car washes. The concept of touchless car wash seems to have a certain allure, partially due to marketing, but should you really ditch regular car washes for laser ones?


Taking your car to a laser wash is advantageous in a few aspects. Let’s list some of them.

Maybe it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you weigh pros and cons of one or another type of car washes against each other. However, doesn’t it give you a warm fuzzy feeling that you do no harm to the environment while you’re just minding your business running errands and taking care of your car? Laser wash services claim that they only use biologically degradable ‘green’ soaps and solutions whereas not every traditional car wash can guarantee you the same. And the good old ‘sponge and bucket’ technique will result in soapy dirty water flowing God knows where. That’s not right.  

No touch
When we use a car wash service, we expect the vehicle to come out looking better than it did before. And God forbid it ends up having any damages to its surface! However, the sad truth is that you can’t always control if your beauty is treated well while you’re not around. So far everyone has pretty much understood that staying away from car wash services that have been there from the beginning of the time and use abrasive techniques is the best decision. But even brushes in the drive-thrus of decent car washes can carry dirt, hard particles, and tiny stones and scratch the surface like no big deal. That’s why touchless car wash sounds appealing and spares you the worries.

Customer friendly
Half of the impression from a service is its result, the other half is how you were treated. Laser car washes make an effort to facilitate the process and help you easily navigate the area. Normally, you don’t need anyone’s assistance, nor need you talk to car wash employees. Driving slowly and paying attention to signs will help you find your way around. Besides, laser car washes claim that their services are available around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This is particularly good if you want to avoid rush hours and take your time.


Despite all the seemingly obvious advantages of touchless car wash, there’s something touchless car wash services won’t tell you and won’t write about on their websites. No doubts, you need to consider the following before you make a decision.  

Time spent
No one likes waiting in lines especially on weekends when it’s rush hours and you have so many other things to do instead of staring at the rear bumper of the car in front of you. Touchless car washes are known for being slow. Statistically, a traditional car wash spends less than three minutes for every car whereas a laser car wash will finish it in 4-6 minutes. At a glance, the difference is not that drastic. However, if you take a minute to do some maths (or we will do it for you), a regular car wash processes up to 25 cars per hour while a touchless one is only capable to give service to 10-15 in the same amount of time.
We can only find one good thing about the whole situation. You can read another article of ours while waiting. That’s it.

The touchless car wash industry comes up with new solutions to serve their customers and stay environmentally friendly. However, it is still debatable if all the newly invented techniques and soaps are as effective as those that friction car washes use. Many still argue that a very dirty car covered in road grime, especially in hard-to-reach places, is better be heading to a regular car wash as a touchless car wash won’t be able to clean it as thoroughly.

Having to make a choice who to trust when it comes to such valuable possessions as cars can be very confusing. The key is to consider all the pros and cons and then pay close attention to the company whose services you want to use. There’s quite a number of rotten apples here and there regardless of the techniques they use. Doing your research and reading the reviews will provide you with the best experience.