Cars and Coffee: new global trend

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Cars and Coffee: new global trend
Cars and Coffee: new global trend

The very idea that a friendly meetup can start a global phenomenon doesn’t seem quite tangible. However, this is exactly what happened in 2005 in California. Three fellow Ferrari owners, who were also coincidentally good friends, were conversing about their beloved vehicles over coffee when it hit them. An event where two probably best things ever, i.e. cars and coffee, would meet together would definitely make it big with wide audiences. And it did. 12 years and 92 events later, Cars and Coffee grew to be a global trend that consistently adds another country to its extensive list of participants once in a while.

What’s the appeal?

You may say, you could go to a car show if you want something fancy or just have a chat with your friends if keeping it casual sits better with you. But the secret of success is merging these two seemingly opposite things seamlessly together. At Cars and Coffee, they do a great job interviewing people who make events happen and strengthen the presence in their countries. And they all share similar experiences – at such an event you don’t feel like a guest or a passer-by. You feel like you belong, you feel welcomed among friends and part of a larger community.   

Moreover, some event managers go even further with strengthening friendly bonds. Since many visitors come from other countries and have cars, it all presents a perfect opportunity to explore the country where the event takes place – surrounded by people who share their interest and are ready to show natural beauties of their motherland.


What happens at the events?

People responsible for organizing of the event find an open area big enough to store cars and that is in the immediate vicinity of a coffee place. The concept of the event prescribes keeping it as chilled and close to hanging out with friends who share your passion as possible, which means no entry fees, no requirements when it comes to the cars you bring, no rivalry, competitions, or awards. There are no strict requirements as to what cars to bring to the event. However, obviously, the participants try to bring something interesting to the table – to show off, share their experiences, and have something to talk and drink coffee about.


Can I organize Cars and Coffee where I live?

The only requirements to become part of the project are ambitions, passion for cars, and determination to have an impact on the community. Cars and Coffee kindly take care of all the rest including comprehensive ‘how-to’ guides, support of the international network, the platform, and promotion. Having a marvelous event in your city is just one filled in application on the official site away.