5 facts about 2019 Toyota Sienna

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It’s hard to build a decent minivan. Even though it’s a relatively small market segment, manufacturers still can’t afford to stick to the basics and not provide the customers with enough options to choose from. Moreover, you have to think through all the intrinsic working that will maintain a rather large vehicle.


For twenty years and counting, Toyota Sienna seems to deliver on both power and quality, which enabled the minivan to make it big with the American audiences. The year 2010 when the model first emerged on the American market was marked by the Top Safety Pick title given to Sienna by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Currently, Toyota Sienna remains the only minivan with the all-wheel-drive option.


In 2019 and for the years to come, Toyota doesn’t plan to lose ground at all. In this article, we’ll go through five facts that will help the model retain its status as a reliable high-quality minivan.


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Toyota will make an effort to meet the needs

Hopefully, the 2019 Toyota Sienna will make up where its preceding versions fell short. Despite overall decent rankings on major car websites, reviewers overwhelmingly pointed out a few faults that seemed to be persistent throughout the generation – unexpectedly bumpy ride for the sporty SE trim, rough engine start, and clumsy looks. Since the beginning of the generation the automaker addressed the issues one at a time, be it with a mid-cycle facelift or a few changes under the hood. The year 2019 is likely to continue the array of much-needed refreshments to meet the customers’ needs.

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The customers will enjoy improved exteriors

Car critics and consumers have been somewhat divided on the preceding models’ looks. To some, this large vehicle, one of the biggest in its class, gives out the impression that fall evenly between sporty and hip and imposing and aggressive. To others, however, the execution came off as eye-catching at best and awkward at worst. Despite many people bashing the design, sales have been on the increase and are likely to go through another surge partially due to the foreplaned changes in the 2019 Toyota Sienna exterior.

The changes will start with the new, bigger front grille that will give the minivan a sportier look. Extra side lower rockets and enlarged haze lights are also going to be pleasant to the eye. The car will come in three colors considered standard for this model – Toasted Walnut Pearl, Alumina Jade Metallic and Parisian Night Pearl. As for the trim, the mid-level SE will get a cover front windshield whereas more high-end models will receive acoustic glass in the front and on the sides. Overall, Toyota is unlikely to pull something radical, but will, however, make a genuine effort to please the customers used to the big box look.

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2019 Toyota Sienna will try to beat its competitor

Every car model ever launched has competitors, and this constant rivalry only benefits the automaker and fuels the engineering thought behind the automotive excellence. So far, the Sienna’s biggest rival has been Honda Odyssey. When people plan to buy a minivan, their choice options mostly come down to Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. The latter seemed to dominate the segment over the last few years with several test drive reviews reporting its superiority. Chrysler Pacifica is often out of the picture. However, the company made a bold statement launching a hybrid. In this aspect, both Honda and Toyota still have to catch up. Another possible competitor is Dodge Grand Caravan and its steady fan base. And finally, Kia Sedona has been tapping the segment, and successfully so. The model is currently the fastest growing.

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The long-awaited introduction of a hybrid powertrain  

With this being said, it is only logical for Sienna to finally get a hybrid drivetrain. Actually, the world will see the premiere on the 2018 year model which can be interpreted as a rather smart move by the company. By the time they launch 2019 Toyota Sienna, they will surely have made the improvements based on the first experiences with development and introduction. This is bound to make the new model more competitive. Frankly, it is a bit confusing why Toyota, being a leader in plug-in innovations, has only set out to build a hybrid powertrain now. We can only hope that this unfortunate delay will turn out to be a blessing in disguise and the company will use the time wisely.


Other rumors have it that the standard engine is going to be 3.5L V6 gasoline engine with an electric motor. However, it has yet to be confirmed.

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Price and Release date

The current model Sienna now costs around $29,750. It is unlikely that there will be a tangible bump in price for the 2019 model. Car critics predict that the price will be approximately $30,000 for the base model and amount up to $50,000 for more high-end trims. The release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it is speculated that the car will emerge on the market whether in July or in October.